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I can't believe we get to see videos of these test fires!

Starship basically destroyed its own launchpad during its testflight, there were huge chunks of concrete thrown for miles into the surrounding area.

Their launchpad could have required some heavy re-engineering, if they manage to create a water-cooled steel plate launch platform it'll put them back on track for some more launches soon!


Near realtime GAN image editing
In this study, the scientists introduce a new technique called DragGAN, which allows users to "drag" any part of an image to a specific location in a user-friendly way. This approach empowers users to change the image's appearance, making it much easier to meet their desired outcome.


Saturn V Up Close

I was able to go see the Falcon Heavy launch at the KSC in Cape Canavaral, FL in 2018. One of the best things I got to see as I went down there was the full scale model of the Saturn V on display.

If you've read about the engineering that went into making the Saturn V you'll know why its an incredible thing to behold.

Anyway here's an amazing video of Luke Tally explaining the various things that went into a successful launch and his experiences throughout his 50yr career. He's a gifted communicator and oozes enthusiam. Had a big smile on my face listening to him.