Anish S

I’m an entrepreneur, and an engineer. I love working on 0 to 1 products because it allows me to pursue open ended problems that require unorthodox solutions.

I'm a passionate, customer-focused product manager with 6+ years of success innovating products and delightful user experiences through strategic vision, creative thinking, technical reasoning, and team leadership. I founded and led SWFTCharge, which I successfully exited. I joined Skylight where I developed two new product lines, launched new initiatives, and fostered partnerships following their Series A until they were successfully acquired by Opendoor. I am currently working at HOVER leading the expansion of a new vertical leveraging their stack to create the largest scale accurate interiors 3D model dataset in the world. I have a particular interest in data analytics, finance, technology, and a keen interest in investment analysis. I assist angel investors is conducting due diligence on new startups looking for funding.

General Info

  • E-mail
  • Current role Senior Product Manager

Work Experience

  • 2021-Present

    HOVER Inc.

    Senior Product Manager (Capture/Scan UX & Deliverables)

    HOVER creates 3D interactive models of any home to measure and estimate home improvement costs. HOVER does this using just a few smartphone photos. I joined HOVER to kick-start the Interiors vertical - led the exploration on the ideal capture methods. I created the pipeline that generated 3D models and reports for our large insurance customers. I explored various toolsets that work with LiDAR, point cloud, 3D mesh, and non-LiDAR inputs to produce 3D geometry. I also led the team in planning the software development required to scale the production of our models.

  • 2019-2020

    Skylight Tools Inc.

    Senior Product Manager (Growth & Process)

    At Skylight I led special projects launching new partnerships and streamlining processes. Skylight was successfully acquired by Opendoor - NASDAQ:OPEN

  • 2016-2018

    SWFTCharge Inc.

    Product Lead & CEO/Co-Founder

    I successfully exited SWFTCharge at the end of 2018. I launched and led this venture from the time it was a product focused company to our pivot into a service based company. We recognized the market need after conducting hundreds of customer interviews and executed plans to launch our self-funded MVP in Canada. After generating significant revenues through our MVP, I led our funding round raising capital through angel investors to expand the company across various music festivals in North America and beyond.


  • 2013-2017

    Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Biomedical)

    Queen's University

    During my university career I focused on application of engineering concepts on real world problems, product design, and manufacturing. Please see my LinkedIn profile for a list of projects I worked on during my university career.